Monday, October 19, 2015

APHound v1.7 Released

APHound v1.7 is now available.

This release is essentially a technical upgrade release which was focused on an upgrade to the development environment, new Microsoft runtimes and an upgraded chart library.

The upgrade to the new Microsoft runtimes means that the APHound installer has grown from a, reasonable, 3-4Mb to a whopping 15Mb in this release. I’ll be aiming to bring the install size back down over subsequent releases.

The changes in v1.7 are:

New Features

  • The access point list now shows the station count and channel utilisation when they are provided by the access point.


  • Upgraded to the new Chart Director v6 library.
  • Upgraded the development environment to Visual Studio 2015. This included shipping the new Microsoft runtime environments.


  • Fixed excessive flickering on the chart refreshing.
  • Fixed an elusive memory leak in the access point group handling.
  • Amended the display of SSID in the access point list to ensure it’s updated if the SSID changes while APHound is running.

Visit the APHound website for full details.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

APHound v1.7….in progress

APHound v1.7 is still waiting to be released. I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule of a minor point release in each month but that has slipped a little with v1.7.

Functionally, the new version of APHound is ready and tested but there has been a testing delay caused by some problems with my virtual test machines. In the end this required a switch back to VMWare after a flirtation with Hyper-V and VirtualBox. VMWare might not be the snappiest performing virtual environment but it sure does work.

A second issue, the one I’m still dealing with, is my decision to move the development environment to the new, shiny, Visual Studio 2015. The way the runtimes are now redistributed has caused a bit of a packaging headache since I’m loathe to ship more than APHound actually needs.

Hopefully the packaging issue will be resolved in the next day or so and I can release v1.7 over the weekend.

One big thing that did happen was that the trade mark registration for APHound completed. So APHound is now APHound® !  Of course, that means more work in the form of documentation and website changes but it’s a series of changes I don’t mind making.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

APHound v1.6 Released

APHound v1.6 is now available.

This release is focused on enhancing the signal survey feature for Plus Edition users:

New Features

  • Signal Surveys can be exported as web pages. Click here to see a sample
  • Signal Surveys can now have free-form text markers dropped on them. Useful for noting important information when the survey measurements are being taken.
  • The access point list now shows a manufacturer name. This is based on the MAC address so may not always match the name the access point is marketed under.
  • Access points can now be assigned a user-defined alias. This helps identification of the access point, especially when multiple access points share the same SSID.


  • User changes to the column widths on the access point list are now saved and restored between APHound runs.
  • Signal Survey now shows the number of measurements made (and number remaining for Free Edition users) and information on any loaded survey background image.
  • Signal Survey now has pop-up tooltips to show measurement values and text marker free-form text.
  • Signal Survey now shows more access point information at the defined location of the access point.
  • Signal Survey now shows directional lines to indicate the progress of the survey.

Visit the APHound website for full details.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

APHound v1.5 Released

APHound v1.5 is now available.

This was originally planned to include updates to the signal survey feature but too much time spent looking at a new website (when will I learn!) resulted in a smaller bug fix and feature update..

New Features

  • Update process is now handled by APHound rather than downloading via a browser.
  • Uninstall of the Free edition now prompts for user feedback.


  • Supported standards could occasionally be set to an invalid value.
  • v1.4 introduced a bug to the Plus edition where the registration information could be requested every time APHound started.
  • Base standard was not always set for an access point in the access point list (although supported standards were).

Visit the APHound website for full details.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Aaaaargh Websites.

By now I should have been gearing up to release a v1.5 with an expanded signal survey feature. Instead I’m finishing off a maintenance feature before locking v1.5 as, primarily, a small bugfix release.

Where did v1.5 development go wrong? One word - website.

I’d spent some time analysing the analytics from the website as I was reviewing the AdWords campaign and there were a couple of things I wanted to address on the website. This, of course, turned into a completely new website which in turn morphed into a compete time soak because, as a developer, I’m awful at graphic design!

In the end I stopped working on the new website and returned focus to at least making a release during July.

Lesson learned…..again!

But, there was a great moment in the last few weeks – sales!

Whilst the download stats for the Free edition have been very healthy the sales of the Plus edition have been slower to get going. However, having been through the process of releasing a new application before I was completely fine with this. I knew that there wasn’t a big enough feature difference between Free and Plus and I started to address that in v1.4 with the addition of 5Ghz and 802.11ac support for Plus users. The expansion of Plus features will be the primary focus for the next few releases.

One great bit of news - the website mentions that I’d like to use part of the sales income from APHound for charitable donations. Well, that fund has now started. It’s still small, but from tiny acorns…

I’ll post more on the donations fund when it reaches an amount that prompts the first donations.

Friday, June 12, 2015

APHound v1.4 Released

APHound v1.4 is now available.

The main changes for this release were to add support for 5GHz access points and to add support for 802.11ac.

New Features

  • Added support for 5GHz access points to the Plus Edition.
  • Added support for 802.11ac to the Plus Edition.


  • Replaced chart legends with colour coding on the access point list.
  • Save and restore the splitter bar position when the application exits and starts.
  • Added additional fields to the access point information tab.
  • Added a grid to the signal survey when no background image is loaded.


  • Hidden access points will now always be issued with a consistent “Hidden #n” number.
  • Channel width representation on bar charts was overflowing and appearing too large.

Visit the APHound website for full details.

Friday, June 5, 2015

APHound V1.4 – Dev complete, finally!

Well, that took longer than expected - and in the end I bumped a couple of “would be nice” updates from v1.4 to v1.5.

But, I got the two big items for this release finished – support for 5GHz WiFi and 802.11ac support. Both of those took longer than I’d planned but that was simply because I didn’t like the way the code was evolving and decided to refactor some more of the 2.4GHz code to make it useful to 5GHz.

Apart from those two big items there’s also:

  • A bug fix for the way hidden networks are displayed.
  • Some additional fields on the Access Point Info tab.
  • A grid on the signal survey display when there’s no background image.
  • The main splitter control position is saved between runs of the application.
  • Libcurl has been dropped in to replace native API calls.
  • The chart legend boxes have been removed and the entries on the access point list are now colour coded.

So, a decent mix of changes.

Final testing should hopefully complete over the weekend and a release is planned some time next week.