Sunday, July 27, 2008

The danger of a sunny day

Today, although it's only 5pm, has been a motivationally difficult one.  The sun is out, the wind is low and it's warm.  Perfect for sitting in the garden reading the Sunday papers or heading off to the golf course.

The latter option is incredibly alluring since I've finally allowed some consistency to creep into my otherwise variable game.

But I've resisted the urge, so far, and have kicked off my application design "process".  Process is a bit grand for firing up Visio (my design tool of choice at the moment) and laying down some boxes, lines and text to highlight the key components and high-level interactions.

But, it worked and I now have my starting point for the next iteration for the design which will expand each of the boxes into slightly more detailed components, again with interactions mapped.

I also have an end-to-end view of the actions (user and application) involved in the application.

I'll continue the iterations until the objects, and their interactions, are identified and any "how do I do X" or "should I do X" type questions have been answered.

Having reviewed the 5 tips for focusing on your MicroISV and decided that I occasionally need to break tip 2 (but I've done a bit of tip 5 today) the big question now is, iteration 2 or 1st Tee then iteration 2?

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