Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Development tool decision

After an hour or so looking at the features in Visual Studio 2008 and mapping them to what I need in a development tool the decision was made.

Standardise development on Visual Studio 2008.

Now I just need to work out my preferred method of acquiring it.

Do I simply buy the licence or sign up for the Microsoft Empower programme.

Empower will get me the licence, and much more, but I would need to agree to deliver a product within certain timescales.

My current thinking is that this will be a good thing. It's another driver to keep going.

So, development tool picked but another decision to make.

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Scott Gerold said...

The Empower Program worked well for me and the Microsoft allows for generous extentions once your are within the program. I recently released my application and Microsoft made it very easy to move from the Empower Program into the Certified Partner Program. They actually provided a $800 voucher to obtain the 3rd party testing requirements for my software. Don't foreget that the Express versions of Visual Studio are available for free if you want to get started without having to decide at this time.