Friday, July 11, 2008

Microsoft Empower

Since I took the decision to use the Microsoft Empower Programme to obtain the necessary development tools for my application, and to set myself some deadlines, I’ve moved the process on by completing the necessary product profile, completing the enrolment and paying the first year’s fee.

I now just need to wait to find out if the application has been successful.

The fallback position, should the application not be accepted, will be to simply buy a copy of Visual Studio and grumble a lot about Microsoft.

In the meantime I’ve downloaded the Express Edition of Visual Studio 2008 which I’ll install and look at over the weekend.


Tim Haughton said...

I think one of the only things they look for on the Empower program is a web site that looks ISV-ish.

Anonymous said...

I should be ok then.

I didn't notice how long they took to decide so I'll push on with other things in the meantime.