Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A new identity

Since I already have an established business I'm lucky enough not to be starting a Micro-ISV from scratch. I already have a lot of the infrastructure and tools in place to hit the ground running.

But, the current company image doesn't fit with where I want to go so I've started a re-branding exercise.

Initially this will be limited to a new "image" in the form of changes to the company logo and stationary along with a new website which is more targeted and able to provide a better first point of contact for customers.

The first part is the logo. I'm working with someone new to me but who is throwing ideas around which are completely different to what I was expecting or where I wanted to go with the logo. But, and I think this is important, I'm looking to move away from my current branding to something much fresher and more appealing to a much wider audience so a completely different take on image is brilliant.

The second part, the new website, is starting to take shape. I've settled on Joomla as the driving force behind the website and I'm looking through a large number of template designs. I think I've cut the favourites down to just two so I'll wait for the final logo before picking one. Content wise I've documented the content I want to add and the navigation so it's just a matter of sitting down to write the textual content and find suitable images to accompany.

The development of the new website will happen whilst the current one is in place and both currently are "live" - although you need to know where to look to find the new one.

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