Sunday, July 6, 2008

Picking that first product

Almost every software developer I know has, at some point, had an idea for a new application.

Almost every software developer I know has done nothing with that idea.

One or two of those developers still want to develop that idea but their day job removes the time, and sometimes the inclination, to proceed.

Coding applications which are useful to your client, in a large development department, surrounded by process and politics frequently robs you of the desire to keep coding when you get home.

I'm fortunate that I've finally managed to build up a head of steam to progress my ideas. Now I just need to pick one of them and go.

But which one?

Looking at the "Ideas List" there are six on there right now:

  • Two are developer oriented.
  • Two are business oriented.
  • Two are home user oriented.

Some have some work behind them already:

  • Two have actual working code to demonstrate the idea working.
  • Two have designs.
  • The other two are all in my head.

Picking one to start with is a difficult process. I'd better get to work on that then.

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