Sunday, July 20, 2008

Progress? What Progress!

I've had on of those PC days and I'm giving up for the evening.

Having played around with Visual Studio 2008 for a while I decided port the prototype over.  What a bag of fun that was!

I started with my common class libraries which went fairly well.  This took around an hour from start to finish and involved dealing with all the warnings and errors which crop up during those first post-port builds.  Nothing major appeared and I even spotted a couple of issues in the string class I hadn't noticed before.

With that done, I moved to the prototype application itself.  The initial build went reasonably well and I just had a couple of minor items to correct (fallout from the changes to the common libraries).

I fired up the app. and it failed - DLL missing.  But not one of mine and not even one on my system - DWMAPI.DLL.  Turned out to be a Vista desktop component and a complete red herring.  The real problem was more elusive.  A newer function, recommended by VS2008 as a replacement  for something I was using, strcat_s ("safer" strcat) was helpfully resetting the unused portion of a string buffer from the nicely initialised 0x00 to 0xFE meaning I needed more checking in the string class for concatenations.

Having fixed that one the application again built fine but refuses to show the main window.  A round of debugging later shows that a thread is looping on a bit of previously innocuous code. 

To cap it all I can't get Audible to kick off a download so my Son has gone to bed listening to an older story rather than his next Discworld instalment.

I give up!

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Bob Walsh said...

It's not what you know that makes programming so challenging, its all the little surprises you don't know about!

Tomorrow will be a better day! :)