Thursday, July 10, 2008

Setting deadlines

Working with no deadline lets you take a lot of time over minor details and means you never have to deliver. Where does the push to complete something come if you don’t know when it has to be ready?

With this still fresh in my mind I’ve made a couple of decisions (hey, this decision making is getting out of hand):

  1. I’ve committed to delivering a new website for my existing business by the end of July. This will get a large bit of work out of the way and allow me to concentrate on development.
  2. After spending time looking at some great logo ideas from the talented Jim Stankard at Mosiac Retouching I’ve fixed on one. This will now move from a “draft” version to full shiny version and we’ll start looking at fonts and other aspects of design.
  3. I’m joining the Microsoft Empower programme. This will give me certain timescales to work to. In six months I need to announce the new product on my website. In 18 months I need to announce the ship date and in 24 months the product has to be available.

The Empower dates are further out than I think I’ll need, given that the main product already has an outline design, feature list, first prototype, a name and registered domain names (yes, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while). But then again, this is a software project!

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