Saturday, August 2, 2008

Browser Differences

I've been sitting looking at an issue with a web page layout for about an hour now and I've reached the point where the monitor and keyboard may be ready to merge.

I have a three column layout (left, middle & right) sitting below a horizontal menu.

HTML order looks fine (<DIV> tags are in the Left, Right & Middle order) and the CSS looks good.

In IE7 the page displays as expected.  But in Safari and Firefox the five menu items are dropping by 10 pixels and the left & right columns have dropped below (but not completely under) the middle column and both left and right columns look padded above and below.  Middle column looks fine though!

Maybe I've been staring at it for too long and need to go off and do something else.


Ian Landsman said...

For HelpSpot v3 I'm looking at using YUI Grids. So far in my workups it's pretty great cross browser. A few quirks here and there but overall pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ian, I'll check that out,