Sunday, August 3, 2008

Espresso in my CoffeeCup

Taking a break was the answer to my browser differences problem.  Well, that and a couple of cups of espresso.

I started up CoffeeCup this morning and reviewed my CSS code.

Right away I saw that a line-height setting on the BODY was pushing out the entries on my navigation bar.  It wasn't required so I removed it and hey-presto the navigation bar looks the same across all three browsers.

That just left the alignment of the three column DIVS in the main body of the page.  I looked back through the page markers I'd added to my copy of CSS : The Missing Manual and saw that I had been looking at the IE 3-Pixel Gaps issue (page 304 if you're interested).  A couple of additional entries (* HTML's) to the CSS and everything now works.

It's good to see that the implementation of standards across browsers has improved since the IE/Netscape days!

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