Saturday, August 2, 2008

No activity - what a busy week.

It has been a week of no activity on the ISV front.  But that doesn't mean I've had an inactive week.

The web site for a friends business had some issues which needed resolved ASAP since they were expanding into a new city in the UK.  As well as helping out a friend it represented an opportunity to pick up a new client and get the company name known in a different business market.

One of the things that is essential, for me at least, in the early stages of getting the ISV off the ground is to ensure that I keep generating fees, in order to both pay the normal bills and to fund the ISV work.  So any opportunity to expand the client base, especially into new market areas, can't be ignored.  It will also provide me with more people to ask the "what annoys you most about the software you use?" question.

The issues were resolved and I also picked up a new positive customer quote for the new company web site.

Ah, the new company web site.  I was going to have that live by the end of July.  Since I'd never worked on my friends web site I needed an HTML editor which would allow me to examine the files without trying to impose all kinds of re-formatting.

So I downloaded the most recent version of an old favourite, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and really liked it.  So much so I've now spent the past couple of days re-writing the new site using CoffeeCup and I now plan to ditch Joomla as the site back-end in favour of the version I'm writing now.

The graphics and layout from my designer still have to be finalised so I do have time to work this one in, although at the expense of some ISV related progress.

I'll need to spend another few days finalising the new site layout and doing a bit more testing on the multi-browser compatibility but I think the end result will be worthwhile.

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