Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Web Week

A Web Week lasts as long as a Development Week - it just seems longer.

I've spent the week finalising the layout for my new company website and it's almost done!  It looks like we (the graphic designer an I) have now agreed the overall page layout and we're now working on the small details.  It's the small details which will make the site better than it would have been.  Things like following the viewers eye line from logo to navigation bar to first line of text and ensuring the layout follows where that viewing line goes.

Of course, none of these small tweaks are simple in HTML/CSS and just as you think it's done, Safari or IE moves a DIV ever so slightly out of place and you're coding again.

But, thankfully, the end is finally in sight.

I haven't done any application development this week but I did meet up with an old friend today and walked through my product idea with him.  It was almost like a mini-product pitch since he was asking questions about market research and the gap I was attempting to fill.

It was a very helpful discussion for me because for the first time I had to justify what I was doing to someone other than myself and allow them to cast an eye over my plans and application feature list.

Thankfully, at the end of the discussion he liked the idea, agreed that the gap did exist and thought the application would fit neatly into it.  He also thought it was a product he could use at home and wants to be the first paying customer when the application is available.  So it looks like I have my first advance order! 

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