Friday, September 26, 2008


It's been over a month since my last blog update which surprised me.

The priority of earning an income took over from the desire to progress the ISV. In the current economic climate this will always be the case.

I think this is a recurring theme for those of us starting down the Micro-ISV road. Until you reach a point where you can afford to stop earning, having built up enough cash to support the Micro-ISV effort for an extended period of time or you have an income generating product which provides enough income to keep you going until product number two or an upturn in sales, the main income generating tasks must always take priority.

Certainly, for me, this has always been the root cause of many aborted attempts to kick start my Micro-ISV dreams. In the past my day job would take over and the last thing I wanted to do after coding all day was to reset and code all evening. But, for once, this time seems to be different.

Having sorted out, at least for the short term, the day job I'm itching to get back to the application.

My much delayed new web site has also taken a back seat. The design was finished and I did manage to spend a few hours constructing the final template from the design pages. Now I just need to add the textual content to each page and locate a suitable graphic on iStockPhoto to illustrate the concept/topic presented by the pages. The web site needs to come first, otherwise it will become one of these tasks which hang over me and is eventually used as an excuse for not doing something. So, onwards and upwards.