Saturday, November 15, 2008

No more Dell PC's

Having purchase pretty much all of my PC's, and laptops, from Dell for nearly a decade I've decided to revert to building my own again.

Why? The shocking price of replacement parts when something goes wrong!

My Sons PC stopped booting reliably and I tracked the problem down to either the motherboard or power supply.  Given that it did boot occasionally I figured the PSU was the culprit.

This was confirmed when, one afternoon, I unplugged everything and reconnected all the cables before powering it on.  BANG! PSU let go in a haze of acrid smoke and one or two sparks.  Fantastic, haven't seen a PC go like that for years.

In days gone by, when building your own PC, you'd just order a stock PSU of the correct wattage and you'd be off and running.

Not with Dell, you end up paying over the odds at one of the few companies providing spares in the UK.

So, I reckon I'll be looking for a new PC in the New Year and it won't be a Dell this time.  I'm compiling a list of components and will just buy them individually and put together a machine.

After that it'll be time to buy my first Apple.  I do like my new iPhone and I'm having to stop my left mouse button from clicking on the "Order" button for a Mac Mini.

I do like the Apple products.  My new iPhone is keeping me amused, as well as placing calls, and I wouldn't be without the Apple TV having had it since it was first launched in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it even harder to get apple replacement parts than dell?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it is :)

The Apple (in the case of a Mac Mini) would be a toe-dip in the Apple water and used mainly for e-mail, browsing and looking after media.

I think, with Dell, that the machines are decent enough but the lack of standardised parts and fitting points (e.g. for CPU better CPU cooling) has always been an annoyance.

I need a better work PC and would prefer, this time, to build from scratch.