Friday, April 17, 2009

Back on track

One thing that always gets in the way of developing software as a Micro-ISV is the need to continue to earn a living whilst developing the product, or products, that you hope will move you, full time, into the ISV arena.

The past couple of months have required more effort on the earn-a-living front so the Micro-ISV had to be temporarily sidelined.

But, I'm back on track now and coding away.

One thing the break did do was make me look over the code to re-familiarise myself with where I was.

This highlighted a "Schoolboy Howler" (term we use locally in development when an obvious error is found that should never have been there!).   Note to self - when updating the registry and you need to restore it to the position it was in when you started, make sure you didn't inadvertently create a new value for something you'd assumed would always be there when you started!