Monday, June 8, 2009

Feature creep and feature locking.

Progress is slow but continuing.  PexPrint (yes, it now has a working name) is suffering from a touch of over-development.  That is, the developer (me) is doing the "oo, that looks useful, I'll quickly add it" routine.

This is a no-no.  The design has been set for some time and coding is almost complete any new features should be noted and retained for the first post-live release.

To wean myself off the desire to add new features I've been looking at what features to enable for the free version of the package and which features should only be enabled in the Paid/Pro version.

This is proving to be a tricky exercise since I need to try and strike the correct balance between offering something useful in the free version whilst keeping the Paid/Pro version an attractive proposition for those requiring access to a larger feature set.

Still, at least if I'm thinking about that I'm not adding new features!


Dennis Crane said...

For every version\release create a strict list of features and follow this list. All new features put into another list - for the next versions.

Otherwise, you'll never release your product :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly what I've done.

I have a design doc and the "Release 2" version is where the new ideas are now going. :)