Friday, December 4, 2009

Database Day

So far it's been quite a productive day today.  I did the design work on the databases I need and came up with a good looking first cut design.

Since I'm using SQLite I was looking for something to help with the design work and came across an ADO.NET provider called System.Data.SQLite which I hadn't seen before.  It's a useful tool since it comes with design time support for Visual Studio 2008.

So far it's been great to use.

I dusted off my old SQLite C++ library that I'd developed for another use a few years back and updated it for SQLite 3.  Using that library will save me a lot of time getting the database handling completed.

The old library has been rebuilt and, after some changes and tweaks, it's accessing the databases and tables generated by the designer in System.Data.SQLite.

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