Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost Enthusiasm

Quite some time has passed since my last update but the reason is simple - I lost enthusiasm for my product! 

I haven't lost my Micro-ISV bug and the desire to get that first product out is as strong as ever - I just wasn't enjoying the time spent on PexPrint.

So, what to do?

  • I parked it. 
  • I went back to my list of product ideas.
  • I did more market research on different ideas.
  • I re-read Bob Walsh's book.
  • I re-read Eric Sink's book.
  • I played around with various bits of training.
  • I played a little golf.

In the end the decision was easy. 

From the Micro-ISV perspective there is no point in developing and releasing a product which you don't enjoy working on 100%.  If, after release, it became successful and you didn't enjoy the continued development how would that affect support and customer service?

So I parked development on PexPrint - better to do it now than continue playing around with it and making the same decision in 6 months. 

But the Mojo is back. 

This time I've picked a product which has a basis in one of my favourite hobbies.  It's something I want to use and has some interesting opportunities in terms of customer base and market size. 

I also have a large, eager pool of people wanting to contribute ideas and help out with testing. 

Right now I'm having a blast working out the user interface using Balsamiq Mockups and getting re-acquainted with SQLite and the joys of database design.

Happy  days again!


Anonymous said...

going to tell us whats the new idea? ;)

Anonymous said...

Not yet :D