Thursday, December 24, 2009

MFC Ribbon Control

I've finished looking over the MFC Feature Pack for Visual C++ 2008 and decided that I'm going to ditch the traditional menu and toolbar combination and instead implement the new MFC Ribbon Control which is appearing on more and more Microsoft applications.

The two main drivers here are the desire to make the application look as up to date as possible when it arrives and also that I actually like the ribbon control - although I'm not a particular fan of the function groupings in Office.

The conversion of my already-in-build application to use the ribbon control was easy enough and a decent walk through is available on MSDN.  The example takes you through converting the existing MFC Scribble application.

Microsoft are keen to protect their investment with the Office user interface and require that you agree to a licensing agreement to use the components in your application.  It doesn't look too bad, certainly nothing jumped out of the agreement, but you do need to adhere to some design and implementation constraints.

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