Monday, January 11, 2010

GUI Iterations

Happy New Year to everyone who occasionally pops by the blog - hope your Micro-ISV aims and hopes are met and exceeded during 2010.

I took some time off over the festive period to enjoy everyone being on holiday at the same time.  Quite a bit of time was lost to the new PS3 in the house and most of the chocolate has now disappeared.

But, back to development.

I jumped back in to development of my GUI last week and constructed a working prototype of the interface I had put together using .

The interface worked as expected but after going through some usability tests I went back and started some iterative design and development of the interface until I was happier with the layout and user interaction.

My target user age for the application is very wide, ranging from around 15 to over 70 and many may be only occasional PC users.  To me this means I need to pay particular attention to accessibility and simplicity in the user interface and I need to make it as intuitive as possible.  The original interface looked good but the interactions across the main controls weren't as intuitive as I'd hoped.

So now the GUI is far simpler but retains much of the originals look without the complexity.

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