Friday, January 29, 2010

Loss of wisdom

It's been a week of steady progress on StrokePlay this week despite a visit to the dentist resulting in a loss of half my remaining wisdom and a couple of days of not really wanting to do much at all. 

On my lacklustre days I didn't go near any of the main areas of the code and just busied myself updating documentation and doing a general code tidy-up after a lot of new functionality was added.

I started to look at the various edit controls I need and made a start on a custom edit box for data entry validation.  I was sure I had one kicking around somewhere in an old development but no luck finding it yet.

Aside from that the main focus of attention has been the player home page (the page the user first sees when the application is started) and the player defined courses page.  I need to maintain two types of courses in the application, player defined and those which are pre-defined and shipped with the application

I'll be spending the next few days and most of next week finishing off these areas before I start to look at building the various handicap calculation formulas.

I also need to look at splitting some of the functionality out into a couple of DLLs.  Some of the GUI code and processing would be better handled, in terms of packaging and maintenance, if they were separate from the main executable.  In addition, I've decided that things like the handicap calculations will be separate, again for easier maintenance.

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