Monday, January 25, 2010

Mixed bag weekend

It's been a mixed bag of work on Strokeplay over the past weekend.

First up was a quick re-visit to the group box control.  I was getting distracted by an annoying flicker during window resize so I added some off-screen painting to reduce it.

I thought it was a done job when I saw the new CMemDC class in MFC (part of the feature pack) but decided against using it when I read the remarks section:

This class supports the MFC framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

So I stayed clear of the CMemDC class and rolled my own off-screen painting.

Apart from that it's been a case of "join the dots" development.  The database/tables are present and have some data in them, some of the objects (Player, Course..) are ready and some of the windows to display their contents are built.  So the next logical step was to join them together and check that the correct data appeared in the correct field on the appropriate window.

And do you know what, it did!

Lot's of small development tasks ticked off and a rewarding conclusion when the application appeared to take a big leap forward with the appearance of data on the windows.

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