Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yes, it's golf.

I just updated my website to say what I'm working on and wanted to post it here too.

The application I'm now working on is golf related.  I'm a keen golfer - just not a very good one - and I'm working on an application to not only track golfing performance but to help highlight weak areas for the golfer to improve on.

I have a roadmap for the three editions I'm going to offer eventually but the first version (the "Par" edition) is aimed right at the club golfer with or without a handicap.  The two future editions are aimed at those who organise competitions and the clubs themselves.

Development name for the product is "Strokeplay Pro".

Progress can be followed via this blog and, additionally, via a dedicated section (ok, it's just a page right now) on my company website.  Just follow this link to get there: StrokePlay Pro


Alexander said...

What platform are you going to use for StrokePlay Pro, .Net, native Windows, QT?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexander.

It's C++/MFC (incl. MFC Feature Pack for updated GUI) built for Windows XP and above and using SQLite as the data store.

A partner iPhone application is also in the mix.