Saturday, March 13, 2010

Groupbox Revisited

The work on the application look and feel had me pondering a change to the custom groupbox I’d developed for StrokePlay.

With the new windows looking much better, and more professional is has to be said, the old groupbox looked a little tatty/gaudy.

Much of that is just down to colouring but in order to fit in more with the panel look that the MFC Ribbon control uses I’ve added two new styles to the groupbox and made some changes to the border drawing. The colouring on these samples hasn’t changed from gaudy/tatty but it gives a view of the additional groupbox styles.


A simple filled round rectangle with a title bar which I can use to place controls such as this demo graph.


Control Header

I also call this the “Buddy Header” since it’s just the title bar from the Panel style which I can lock to the top of another control, a list control in this case.