Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Luxury of a Day Off

A rare occurrence – I have a day off!  Well, that really just means I’m not at client site and I’m at home whilst various companies turn up and do various jobs and maintenance around the house.

But, it does give me almost a whole day of StrokePlay Time!

There’s not a huge amount to report since the last update.  I’m continuing to work on the enhanced score entry components. 

The basic scorecard entry is finished and working.  The enhanced score entry allows the player to record various statistics on a hole by hole basis (club used on a stroke, distance, lie etc.) which is a lot of potential data handling.

I think this is the key area to the success or failure of an application like StrokePlay – if it’s too onerous then people won’t want to record the extra information and will lose the ability to make full use of the application.

So, while I’m working on the data handling I’m also running through potential interface elements in Balsamiq Mockups to see how they look and how they may work.

Slow progress, but it is progress!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bug Hunt

This weeks StrokePlay Time has been spent tracking down the last of the bugs on my list.

There weren’t many but two of them took too long to find a cause for.

The first one was an exception that was occurring on the custom golf rounds list control.  Every time the scorecard deletion functionality successfully processed a deletion an instance of the control on a different tab page would throw an access violation exception.  It took a while to find but it was a simple fix – the scorecard that had been deleted was still being referenced by code which processed the refresh of the list control.

The second one was puzzling.  The “date played” being displayed for a scorecard being updated (as opposed to a new card being added) kept changing to todays date when it was shown on the window.  It was odd because it was only the object in memory that was changing rather than the data in the database.  In the end it was a bit of code I’d omitted to change when adding the update functionality – the window was incorrectly assuming it was being asked to add a new card rather than process an update which meant it was pre-populating data it shouldn’t be.

Simple, but time consuming to find.  Still, that’s the last two bugs on the list fixed.

StrokePlay Time

The number of demands on my time seem to be growing which is leaving less and less time to work on various things, including StrokePlay.

That has knock-on effect on other StrokePlay related things like this blog.

It really just means that I need to prioritise and plan a few things to ensure that I can free up time to work on StrokePlay as much as possible.

So, I’m creating StrokePlay Time.  The aim is to free up at least one hour each day, outside all of the other work, where I can sit and work undisturbed on StrokePlay.  Hopefully that will keep things motoring along until the workload eases up.