Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Luxury of a Day Off

A rare occurrence – I have a day off!  Well, that really just means I’m not at client site and I’m at home whilst various companies turn up and do various jobs and maintenance around the house.

But, it does give me almost a whole day of StrokePlay Time!

There’s not a huge amount to report since the last update.  I’m continuing to work on the enhanced score entry components. 

The basic scorecard entry is finished and working.  The enhanced score entry allows the player to record various statistics on a hole by hole basis (club used on a stroke, distance, lie etc.) which is a lot of potential data handling.

I think this is the key area to the success or failure of an application like StrokePlay – if it’s too onerous then people won’t want to record the extra information and will lose the ability to make full use of the application.

So, while I’m working on the data handling I’m also running through potential interface elements in Balsamiq Mockups to see how they look and how they may work.

Slow progress, but it is progress!

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