Monday, August 2, 2010

Have Break, Will Code

My previous post alluded to some updates to StrokePlay following some re-charge time.

This was something I was pleased with, not least because I finally added some flexibility into the charting customisation which had been missing so far.

Essentially I’ve moved from fixed chart positions for certain chart types (things like recent rounds, average scores etc.) to introducing chart anchors – points on windows where the user can determine what chart they want to see in that position.  This should add a great deal of flexibility to the information that is displayed to the user and allow users to determine what information is most useful to THEM and have it displayed how THEY want it to be displayed.

Good progress at last.  Amazing how clearing your head enables you to focus on functionality you’d been unable to previously make work.

Micro-ISV – It’s not easy!

You might have noticed a distinct lack of progress and blog updates over the past few months.  It’s something I’m acutely aware of and frustrated by.

I’ve tried many things to put some oomph back into the development of StrokePlay but each one seems to go for a while and then slow down again.

What’s going on?  It’s something I’ve asked myself and, after standing back and taking a few breaths, the answer is obvious if somewhat unwanted – I’m exhausted!

The strains of a full time client contract, two or three small clients and the ongoing development of a charity website, along with what appears to be an inability to say no, has left me drained and without the will to start coding after everything else is done.

So I’ve taken some time off recently to recharge and I’m taking more time off next week to have a short holiday with the family.

The first bit of time off has been good.  I returned, cleared some work out of the way and actually made some updates to StrokePlay.

Hopefully this will continue and I’ll get more time on StrokePlay after next weeks short break.