Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duck Development

It seems to the outside world that I’m not doing much development work but under the water my coding legs are paddling furiously.

A number of things have been progressing:

  • Large list population for courses and scorecards have been boosted by adding in the planned work for threading and virtual (owner data) lists.
  • SQL queries have been more fully optimised.
  • I’ve spent some time implementing a web browser instance for one feature.
  • Building up the threading in the application to keep the UI responsive at all times.
  • Improvements to the trace and exception handling.

to name but a few.

I also took a time out to look for a bug/feature/task tracking application, looking at BugZilla, Jira and a number of others before finally settling on axosoft’s OnTime 2010.

I found OnTime did exactly what I wanted and it was easy to get going with.  It has a few quirks but nothing major.

Next on the evaluation list is going to have to be the protection and license key generation – I feel I need to get a handle on that soon.