Sunday, October 17, 2010

Source Code Management

Up until now I’ve just been using the file system and a backup process (mixture of actual backups to a NAS and a little bit of SyncToy use) but since I’ve started using axosoft OnTime for tracking tasks, defects and features on the project I wanted more tracking capabilities around the code.

This coincided nicely with the decision to change the old, creaking, warning light flashing NAS (Maxtor Shared Storage II) to something a bit more robust.  Step up the Netgear ReadyNAS NV+.

What a device!  I haven’t had so much fun playing with a new gadget for  long time.  Install a couple of disks, switch it on and a little configuration later it’s off and running as the new NAS.  Attach an external USB drive for important backups, configure the NV+ backup schedule and there’s a bit more comfort around important data.

But, it’s also easy to modify.

First up was a need to have a standard web server for some development work.  All I needed was PHP and it was set.  Easy – now there’s a fully functional Apache web server available that doesn’t need a PC running.

Yesterday was SCM day.  I initially tried to put a Git installation on it but ran into some problems with the SSH setup.  It just didn’t want to work with Windows, seemed overly onerous, and I gave up.

Second trial worked a charm.  I put a Subversion installation on the NV+ and liked it.  Easy to manage, simple and great performance.

For Windows integration I’ve installed TortoiseSVN which, given its reputation an level of integration with Windows, was a real no brainer.

Visual Studio integration?  Check – downloaded a trial of VisualSVN and I think it’s fantastic.  That’ll be an easy purchase.

So now I have StrokePlay under proper source control I’m happier that I have a versioning capability.  Just another thing ticked off the To-Do list.