Friday, June 3, 2011

Swapping Hats

I seem to be switching hats a lot this week.

The Coding Hat is the most used – all of the large bits of functionality are done and I’m finishing off a lot of smaller items.  The ToDo list (hosted by which is excellent) is actually getting smaller!

The Deployment Hat got some use.  I’ve decided to use Inno Setup for the installation after looking at a number of recommendations.  It’s downloaded and installed and waiting for its first use.

The Security Hat was on too.  My code signing certificate has been purchased and downloaded.  It’s a Comodo certificate, but purchased through K Software since they offer a good discount to ASP members.

I was also looking at encryption for some of the data in my SQLite databases.  I settled on SQLCipher and decided that I didn’t want to take the time building the Windows binaries, opting instead to simply buy the pre-built items.

I managed to get a number of accounts set up too:

  • Google – AdWords, Analytics and Checkout
  • PayPal Business
  • e-Junkie

Finally (phew!) I started looking at press release services so there are a number of save hyperlinks to look through.

Quite a busy week, so far, when I list it all.

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