Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrong Assumption

Some disappointing news on Tuesday.  I had been aiming to include the UK and US handicap calculations in StrokePlay but the governing bodies said no!

An assumption proved wrong!

The assumption was made early in the development cycle, with a view to adding the actual calculations as one of the final tasks.

I’d wrongly assumed that since the calculations themselves can be found online, acquired by buying the handicap manual from the governing body and are used by numerous applications and online sites that obtaining and legally using the calculations wouldn’t be a problem.

It turns out it’s not a problem – you just need to be writing software which will either be sold directly to the governing body or affiliated golf clubs/societies for the express use of generating golf handicaps.

StrokePlay Pro doesn’t fall into that category and permission wasn’t granted.

Instead, StrokePlay Pro will allow users to track changes in their handicap, as calculated by returning qualifying scorecards to their club or society. 

I have, however, created the StrokePlay Handicap System which can generate a representative handicap for a player. 

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