Sunday, July 24, 2011

And finally, to code.

A mixed Sunday today.  Todays hats were almost all a selection of non-ISV hats.

  • The Formula 1 Fan Hat.
  • The Local IT Support Go-To Hat
  • The DIY Hat

So far today has consisted of helping a neighbour connect their new PC to the interweb, watching the German F1 race and lifting the old bathroom flooring and laying down the new tiles.

Those three little tasks ran from 9am to 7pm, with a visit to the DIY store thrown in for good measure.

Add in breakfast, take out a skipped lunch and add back in a tasty dinner and the day is gone!

So, was it a coding washout?  Not quite, I still got the layout for the handicap tracking page on the dashboard up and running, leaving it just needing a couple of database queries to populate.

This weeks aim is to have StrokePlay complete, in terms of user features, by the end of day on Wednesday.  A bit of a challenge, but I’d like to head off to the Hungarian Grand Prix with the knowledge that on my return I’ll be going through the finishing off work and finally prepping for release.

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