Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everybody likes a good mystery

Like why my new iTunes installation on the new PC refuses to see any Apple devices even though everything looks fine.

iTunes says Bonjour isn’t enabled, the service list says it’s not only enabled but running just fine.  As for the iPhone, Apple help tells you to check that the Apple USB drivers are present and correct but fails to say much else.  The drivers looked fine too.

Why am I even looking at this when I had a small issue on StrokePlay?  I don’t even need to use or sync the Apple devices just now!

Anyway, past experience would indicate that if you have two things that need to speak to each other, and are designed to do so, then either a) the seeker is looking in the wrong place, b) the sought is waiting in the wrong place or c) something isn’t giving them permission to speak.  This is a problem for when I have nothing better to do.

Back to StokePlay.  It couldn’t find it’s application data when I migrated it over to Windows 7.  Quick debug later found that it was storing the data in AppData\Local rather than AppData\Roaming.  Problem fixed.

One “woohoo” moment today – StrokePlay under Windows 7 looks and behaves exactly as it did under Windows XP.  Fantastic.

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