Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonder Web

I didn’t get to the two remaining charts or the website today.  Instead I made big inroads into one of the last bits of UI code – the Raw Statistics page.

I had intended to just use another grid for layout and display but was hit by a sudden flash of inspiration and used a web browser control instead.  I added in a method of creating the page dynamically in memory and then loading it straight into the browser control without the need for temporary files.

Works a treat and another benefit is that I get the printing for free.  Printing was going to be a post day-1 feature (planned for the very first update) but now I can release with raw stats printing and even include it in the free trial edition

A quick draft of the Raw Stats page, using dynamically created HTML and with initial CSS styles came out like this:


Adding new stats or reformatting the layout, even providing customisable layouts, should be simple now.

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