Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blowing Out The Cobwebs

This post was supposed to be about me having put the anti-debug and anti-cracking processes into StrokePlay but instead it’s a short post on having to refresh skills before using them.

The first of the main tasks completed today was “Check for Updates” functionality.

Now StrokePlay can call out to a server on the Internet to check for new versions of the application and the course database. 

This took a little longer than I’d hoped but a crash in a dialog exit needed attention.  Turned out to be a simple case of the dialog being closed from the wrong thread.

The second task required the skills refresh.  I haven’t had to use PHP and MySQL for a while so a quick catch-up was needed.

But, by the end of today I had a working license generation script up and running on the server which was pulling reference data from a MySQL database and writing the generated licenses to a table, ready for a verification call from StrokePlay.

Two tasks that ended up being bigger than anticipated but which turned out better for the extra attention.

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