Sunday, August 7, 2011

Building for the future

One of StrokePlay’s features is the ability for me to ship a database of predefined courses and to update the information in the course database from time to time.  The user can also create courses and they all reside in the same database.

One of the todays tasks was to put the coding in place to handle database updates during installation of both a new version and an update.  SQLite does make this a fairly trivial task  which only needs the source and target databases to be attached to the same database connection and to run a REPLACE/SELECT statement on each of the tables to be updated.

This was a good approach since it took just 5 SQL statements to update all required databases and the statements don’t expose any of the internal table design.

I also finished off some more conditional compiles, this time around limiting the trial edition to only searching through the maximum scorecard count allowed in the trial and limiting the search timeframe to the previous three months.

I do like the freedom that building a different trial edition gives me from massive amounts of anti-cracking and anti-piracy work.  I’ve devised a plan of changes to the code which will rotate with each released version and allow the techniques to vary and move in every release too.

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