Sunday, August 14, 2011

The dash for the line begins here

Sunday has just disappeared in a haze of PHP fuelled scripting.

The website is done. The only thing remaining is the final screen captures which I’ll take at the end of testing. 

I started, and completed, the shopping cart integration with e-Junkie, which was extremely painless.  It just worked. The online help was great and I hooked up both PayPal and Google Checkout in quick succession.

Shopping cart testing worked well once I’d added the e-Junkie handshake to the PHP licence generator script and before I knew it I’d successfully completed a purchase and registration without any problems.

I also plodded on with the HTML help files which I’ve always disliked doing.  Thankfully I haven’t been near any for years but that hiatus came to an end today.  I looked at them, sighed, and went in search of something to make them easier to work with.

I started with HelpNDoc but since I was tired I gave up pretty quickly when I was looking for a feature it didn’t have. 

The next tool I tried was HelpSmith which didn’t have the desired feature either.  But, I preferred the interface and decided to give it a little more time.

So, this week is all about the home stretch.  Nothing to do but final testing and Inno Setup scripting. 

Almost there!


Dennis "Crane" Zhuravlev said...


As you need to create for StrokePlay both online manual and CHM help files, I'd recommend you to look at our tool Dr.Explain
I allows to create help in different formats from single source and has a build-in screen capturing tool that will simplify documenting of your application screens.

Patrick said...

Thanks Dennis,

I looked at Dr Explain a few months ago but didn't get round to trying it out.

It was the screen annotation feature that I was looking - probably prompted by Dr Explain having it.

I'll check it out this evening.