Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A free lunch? Yes, with a small plate.

Another evening, another step closer to release.

Tonight's focus was all on the free trial data limits.  These need to be large enough for those evaluating StrokePlay Pro to exercise all of the features but restrictive enough for them to want to buy a full licence in order to track an larger, more useful, number of scores for analysis.

Time will tell if I have it right.

I also finished off round one of the anti-trace and anti-debug measures.  These will change in the second release and in every release after that.

One great bit of news was that the guys over at SQLCipher got in touch to say they’d created a pre-built Windows binary which includes the functions for allowing the DLL to be loaded as an extension.  This means my SQLite management tool SQLite Expert Professional can load it and I can now manage my encrypted databases with a great GUI.

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