Thursday, August 11, 2011

A glimpse of the future?

What a hugely productive day today!  I now know what my inbox looks like when it’s filled with new license purchase notification e-mails.

I’ve gathered together a list of all the initial anti-debug and anti-cracking techniques I’ll put in version 1.  They’ll be added to the code tomorrow.

The big item today was the licensing and registration process. 

Yesterday I did the license generation server script.  Today was all about it’s companion – the license verification process.

This needs to be as painless as possible for the user.  I’ve chosen online registration since it gives me much more control over the whole licensing process.  Some people don’t like online registration but I’ll stick with it unless it becomes a big problem.

As for the process, after a purchase is made the user will receive an e-mail containing the license information.  All they have to do is select the entire e-mail body contents and paste it into the registration window:


Once that’s done, simply click “Register” and the online process takes over:


And, once complete:


And that’s it!  The user is now fully registered.

Now, if I could just turn all of those test “New License Purchased” e-mails into genuine sales I’ll be able to afford a celebration!


Dave Hay said...

Congrats, sounds like you're on the home stretch now. Hope you get some real sales to start you off once you hit launch.

Patrick said...

Thanks Dave.

Yeah, not much left to do now.

Hoping a big push over today and the weekend will see V1 complete and ready to go.