Friday, August 19, 2011

The Gremlins Found Water

As they did in the film Gremlins a couple of cute, small bugs found some water and grew into some real nasty critters.  So even though I closed 8 defects today I’m still sitting with 11 in the queue.

First up was what looked like a simple dashboard page not refreshing when scorecard data was amended. That one ended up being a thread synchronisation issue and some chart title handling gone mad.  A Mutex (great word) was the answer to the thread issue and a little code re-ordering fixed the charts.

The second one was a bug in the post-installation start-up.  The table population order was slightly out resulting in a complete failure of the application under certain circumstances.  That defect resulted in the rewrite of a chunk of the post-installation start-up code.

Anyway, they’re fixed and StrokePlay is all the better for it.  The big task first thing tomorrow is to close off the remaining 11 and, hopefully, that will be done without any more Gremlins emerging.

I made good use of the time between builds today though.  I used the waiting time implement a website comment page for people who are uninstalling the trial edition.  I’ll tweak Inno Setup to ask if they’d like to leave a comment before directing them to the web page.

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