Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gremlins in the sunlight

I ended yesterday with 11 defects in the queue.

The statistics as of right now are Raised: 38, Rejected: 1, Fixed & Closed: 36, Open: 1

One defect remains open but I’ve identified and put in place a partial fix.  It’s not a big enough defect to stop things going live.

So the final testing hurdle awaits me tomorrow. 

The dreaded destructive testing, with no user manual, at the hands of my 12yr old son.

He’ll be the first person to get his hands on the release-ready installations.

This isn’t as odd as it sounds.  He’s a tech savvy, gaming, programming, 12yr old who likes to try his hand at Minecraft mods and is inquisitive enough to throw up some questions I probably hadn’t thought of before.

The lack of documentation is a simple test of how intuitive he finds the interface without any help whatsoever.

I’ll provide him with a list of basic things I’d like him to try and accomplish and then just set him loose.

While he’s working away I’ll be readying everything else for a potential V1 release tomorrow.

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