Friday, August 26, 2011

The problem with the global marketplace is…


Or rather, time zones.

StrokePlay sits, waiting on a new graphic.  Meanwhile the designer in New York starts work in the middle of the afternoon and finishes shortly before midnight – my time.

So another day rolls by, the help files improve, the website gets tweaked and I start looking at the feasibility of fixing a couple of minor things in the application.  I then stop thinking about it because it would be madness at this stage.

So my mind has been wandering today.  Some planning for post version 1, some notes about future features.

Then I got completely distracted and thought about looking at another ambition to fill any spare time – writing a computer game.

Not just any game, but the fantastic DropZone from my Commodore 64 days.  I’ve already noted some tweaks and additions to the game I’d like to see.

But, that’s a side project.  A personal one that would never see the world beyond my PC.

It’s funny how the mind wanders.

If anyone out there has some pointers for sources of information on C++ game programming for 2D Scrollers please feel free to forward them on.

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