Saturday, August 13, 2011

Step Away From The Code

I stayed away from coding and testing today in order to concentrate on the StrokePlay Pro website.

The break serves two purposes, one is to allow me to return to the testing with fresh eyes after having stared at it for months.  The second is to build a working website.

I originally bought the website template from TemplateMonster and it was generally fine.  But it was a multi-row/multi-column layout which I’ve now ripped apart and rebuilt to suit my needs. 

It was also html based which I’ve now changed to php in order to make the template more efficient and easier to amend.  Each website page file is now just a few php includes and a main body.

I also picked up a few more images from iStockPhoto to tidy up some layout items.

I’m aiming to finish off the website tomorrow, with e-Junkie integration right at to the top of the todo list.

So, without further delay, here’s todays version of the home page:


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