Thursday, August 18, 2011

Testing, Testing, 1…2…3…

It was a day of testing today.  Working through the defects found so far and logging another two.

The two new defects were minor and they were fixed as quickly as they were found.

An additional four were closed, bringing todays total to 6, including two which required some rework in a couple of the SQL queries used in the various charts.

As I type there are 10 open defects.  But the build that is currently compiling should address another one of them.

One bit of fun today was trying to get the web browser control, used to display the raw statistics, to print custom headers and footers. 

I had to dust off some repressed memories of trying this before for a client.  When I did it before the outcome was a custom ActiveX control for IE which gave the client complete control over the printing process (headers, footers, margins, printer setup etc.) using scripting on the HTML page.  That particular solution made use of print templates.

This time I adopted a much simpler approach.  For those interested it just required some extended print information being passed on the controls ExecWB method.

Another day closer to a release.

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