Monday, August 29, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

What a great first post-launch day!

I’ve been well and truly humbled by the messages and support from friends and family.

From like’s and re-posts on Facebook to re-tweets on Twitter.

I had planned day 1 as a quiet day, staying away from the PC and not looking at site analytics.  I had a little peek at the analytics but I was more interested in where StrokePlay Pro was being mentioned.

There was the re-tweet on whisky related Twitter feeds thanks to the the celebration glass of the water of life at launch time.

Then there was the repost of the launch entry in Facebook which led to my first registered user on the StrokePlay Pro support forums. 

I simply found myself unable to sit still with all this going on so I base lined V1.0.11 and moved on to the next release.  I have a few small defects to track down and fix and I need to look at the post-day 1 feature list and pick up a couple of smaller items to include.

A first update release towards the end of the week is the plan.

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