Sunday, August 28, 2011

What does a software release look like?


It looks like a large glass of malt whisky and sounds very much like a long exhale of breath and a satisfied “aaaaahh”.

StrokePlay Pro v1 is now live.

It’s been quite an evening. 

I can’t remember feeling so excited, worried, nervous and focused all at the same time.

I’ll do all of the product announcements and kick off my advertising tasks tomorrow.  Right now I just want to stop, pause and reflect on what it the achievement of a long held ambition.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to my Wife and Son who’s patience have been saintly.  Their willingness for me to disappear off to the study to work late into the evening, almost every evening, and during the day at weekends has played a massive part in getting to this stage.

So, a pause, a sleep then into looking at the small things I noticed in the final version.  


Alex said...

Congrats, dude. Glad to see SP going live. Hope everything goes well post-release. Haven't had much chance to play golf lately but I shall check out the trial regardless.

Best wishes,

Patrick said...

Thanks Alex!

It's been a lot of work but there a sense of achievement about actually releasing it.

No time to rest though - straight in to advertising and the first post-live update.


Goran Burcevski said...

Patrick, congrats. I found your blog very exciting, please keep us posted.

I am few months behind you with my new product (just starting beta now) and I am finding your experience very valuable.

Wish you luck with StrokePlay Pro!

Patrick said...

Hi Goran,

Thanks for your comment - very kind words.

It's hard work but very much worth the effort to get over that initial finishing line!

I hope you have success with your own product. Any details on what you're doing or is it too early yet? :)


Goran Burcevski said...

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, and I guess you forget all the sleepless nights after jumping over that hill.

It is a invoice template designer (, I have already a beta version, but not much feedback (yet). I am concentrating on the website content and help content at the moment.

I am also doing it with MFC for the UI (so we have something in common). Some parts are in std c++ hoping for a chance some day for a Mac version, but I don't believe I will ever get that far.

Patrick said...

What I found a little difficult to get used to post-launch was the lack of development time I have. Most of my time right now is spent on marketing/advertising and lots of other non-development tasks.

Thankfully this weekend I managed to pull myself away from AdWords to concentrate on the next release.

I did the same with StrokePlay - I've used components for the main items, such as the charting and database, which are available on multiple platforms.

Apple/Mobile were in my distant plans but I decided to bring a little bit of it forward and picked up a Mac Mini at the weekend to get a head start on the development environment and language/libraries.

It'll also double as a small media server to alleviate some woes with iTunes on Windows 7 but that's another story :)