Friday, September 2, 2011

End Of First Week Report

StrokePlay Pro has been live for a week now and I thought a quick pause for reflection was called for.

In the space of a week I’ve gone from a pre-release product, through a release, gained the first forum user, had a good number of trial editions downloaded, seen more hits on the StrokePlay Pro website in a week than on my other company site had in the last year and, pause for breath, sold my first licence.

Fantastic.  Better than I could have hoped for.

But I think the real work starts now.  The momentum has to be retained, more trials downloaded and a push for more sales.

I’m also readying the first post launch release (v1.0.12) which is shaping up into a fix release (8 fixes) with one UX enhancement.  This release will go live over the weekend.

Great first week, roll on the second.


Dennis Crane said...

First sale - great! Congrats!
I recommend you to add Download and Order links in top menu on your website between Home and Blog items.

Patrick said...

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah, the next upload to the website includes the "Buy Now" tab at the top. It's a bit limited for space for the download tab just now.

Chalk up another help file & website html help for Dr. Explain!