Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keep it simple stupid.

I caught a quote from Jason Fried on Twitter the other day:

If you have to convince yourself it’s simple/easy/obvious/intuitive then it’s not simple/easy/obvious/intuitive.

Very true, and very apt for the work I’m doing right now.

This period of time, post-launch, is very interesting.  I’m spending a good deal of time away from StrokePlay Pro while I concentrate on the promotional side of the ISV such as advertising and press releases.

When I do go back to StrokePlay, to work on fixes or future features, I’m finding little things that just don’t quite work.

The biggest is the scorecard window which is used to enter all of the data.  This has to be right.  But, looking at it now it could appear extremely daunting for the first time user.  If it were me I’d be thinking “I have to enter all that?”.  It’s not obvious, but no, you don’t  The minimum amount of information required is the course details, player, date of play and a single gross score.

So, I’ve redesigned the scorecard entry window.  It’s not a huge departure from what’s there right now, just arranged better and categorised consistently with the other areas of the application.  The redesign is also going to make some the the upcoming enhancements, like user definable columns, easier to implement.

Tomorrow should see a good chunk of the new scorecard window completed so I’m pencilling in a release in the next week or two.

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