Sunday, September 18, 2011

Less is More.

It certainly seems that way with my Google AdWords efforts.

Now that the campaign has been running for a few days it has accumulated some stats which I can use to tweak it a little.

I found that I had too many keywords that weren’t achieving many impressions so I’ve paused those for now.  I also paused one of the 4 Ads and slightly reworded one other.

The outcome of this minor trimming has been a decent increase in impressions and the clicks are finally starting to appear.  I’ll check the website stats in the morning to see if there has been any impact.

On the press release front, I’m starting to see an increase in web traffic to the website from links in the release.  I also had my first enquiry from someone having seen the release, a golf school in the US, which was great to see pop into my inbox.

On the coding front, the new scorecard is really taking shape now.  I added in all of the notification code which auto-updates the various totals and fields on the window when the user changes one of the data fields.  All that remains is the sanity checks on the data and saving the data to the scorecard object which updates the database.  At the moment, V1.1 is looking good for next weekend.

Planning for post-V1.1 is under way too.  I’ll be using the follow on release to correct some data filter auto-updating and to introduce some new charts and graphs to the player dashboard.

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