Sunday, September 25, 2011

Onwards and Upwards

Even if I say so myself, I’m pretty pleased with the way the new scorecard entry window looks and works.

I changed one or two things once I had the layout working as I originally envisaged, primarily to remove a drop down list that I didn’t like and to replace a couple of check boxes with something that was a better match to the data being entered.

And all I had to code was one additional owner drawn control.  I modified the static control to allow me to display a bitmap that I could click on and have it record where I clicked with a check mark. 

So the layout and initial functionality of the new scorecard is done, just the load/save to the scorecard object to go.

The changes to the original vision meant I didn’t release the new scorecard this weekend but I’m ok with finishing it off this week and having some more testing time before a new release slot next weekend.

In other areas, my AdWords campaign is still going strong and the targeting of the keywords continues to improve.  There’s an increase in the number of trial edition downloads and the general stats for the website are seeing day on day increases in traffic.

Analysing the in-page analytics is interesting and it’s leading me towards some changes and potentially some A/B tests on the download and purchase page. 

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